Planet Fitness: the best gym I have found

I have had the life long experience of trying out gyms, and then moving on for one or another reasons: relocation, gym closure, natural disasters, gym customers, and gym policies.  So I have some means of comparison.  

Planet Fitness is THE BEST of the lot (for my needs).

Cost:  This is a big factor in my decision.  I pay 10.99/month to just have privileges at my local franchise.  I could pay for the Black Card which gives a lot more privileges such as guest privileges (rarely has happened over 8 years or so), massage bed (never tried it), tanning (dangerous), and 1/2-priced cooler drinks (I bring my own drink).  This is the only gym that I have found at that price point.  I think once a year, PF charges me with a $40 annual fee but if you add that into the monthly fee, it’s still less expensive than anywhere else I have been.

Facilities:  PF has everything I need and more.  There is a machine for every muscle, sometimes more than one, and plenty of free weights.  There’s also a nice stretching area which can be used when one exercises on their back or “planks.”  There is a fitness circuit also, if you are into that kind of thing.  Most importantly there are a plethora of elliptical machines, treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bicycles which allow for the customer to find an unused machine even at peak hours.  There’s also a comfy area up front to wait or chill.  There are free lockers for valuables if you need one.

Staff: Very helpful and polite.  Obviously have some customer relations training.  No complaints here, whatsoever.

Maintenance:  While some machines may have some wear and tear, generally speaking, everything is pristine.  There is good staff cleaning and maintenance and there is cleaning fluid all around the gym for customers to clean off equipment before they use it.  The changing rooms and bathrooms seem well maintained, although I don’t use them much.

Tech:  The place is loaded with big screen TVs to distract you while you do boring exercises.  Closed caption is on, so you can figure out what’s going on.  There’s also a website and a phone app for PF.  Video music plays at all times and it’s not objectionable in any way.

Environment:  The place is temperature controlled, and there are HUGE fans above the cardio area that are about the size of airplane propellers.  Moving air is important for cardio, in my opinion.  It’s very roomy too, so that even at peak hours, customers aren’t on top of each other.  Also there are rules about dropping weights and grunting which makes the senior citizens like me feel more comfortable.  Gyms are noisy, even the best ones, so I have found some noise-cancelling headphones makes things better for me.

Conclusion:  I cannot imagine what PF lacks that anyone might need except for bad attitudes, aggressive customers, uncomfortable environments, and high cost that some of the other options have offered to me over the years.  Try Planet Fitness out.

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