review: Sony WH-1000MX3 Noise Cancelling, Wireless Headphones

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Sony WH-1000MX3 Noise Cancelling, Wireless Headphones:  

I have had these for over 3 months.

1.  They are very comfortable and light.  Just like other headphone, my ears start to each after I wear them for about 45 minutes.  Otherwise they fit well.

2.  The sound quality is good.  With noise cancellation on, the sounds doesn’t sparkle, but it’s quite good.  The volume is a little low for me, but I think my hearing may be going.  Overall, once again, very good sound.

3.  Noise cancellation is good.  When the headphones are on, ambient noise becomes almost inaudible, and there is a barely audible hiss. When used on an airplane, the airplane noise is zeroed out. When used in a gym, all you hear is music. Perfect.

4.  The Google Now function seems okay, but doesn’t appear to pick up my voice well when I’m in a noisy space, which is where you want to use noise-cancelling headphones.  However, it does read any texts I get while the phones are on and connected to my phone.

5.  They look great.  Small, sleek, and light.

6. The battery life is excellent. I can easily get 20 hours of use out of them.

7. The Android app is pretty good. It provides battery life indication, equalization, and several other settings such as sensing for the level of cancellation that is desirable. I tend to run maximum noise cancellation at all times because I’m exercising indoors.

Conclusion: They’re pricey at a list price of $348.00 but inevitably they will come down as the competition picks up from lower prices no-name brands.  Here’s another review.

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