Covid-19 Updated Guidance 3/25/2020

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1. NYC, Atlanta, and New Orleans are heading toward a healthcare crisis

2. Spain’s death rate has increased past Wuhan.

3. Shelter-in-place is still a critical strategy for our country and it’s reasonable wherever you are.

4. Investigational drugs are just that. No proven benefit at this time. Do NOT believe your newsfeed or news shows until you hear it from Dr. Fauci or another expert. Optimistic speculation is just that.  Also conspiracy theories abound about the origins of this virus; there is no evidence basis to support any of them.

5. Vaccines are at least a year out and likely more.

6.. Young people are less likely to be ill but there is still a chance for severe illness and death. Even if mildly ill, young people can transmit to many, many other people including some at high risk.  There are 1800 persons aged 30 or less in one area of Italy, all in the intensive care unit, critically ill.  No one is immune.

7. The virus remains infectious on surfaces for an unknown period of time, but likely AT LEAST 24 hours and possibly longer. Hand sanitizer use and avoiding touching the face (eyes/nose/mouth) is critical. Be vigilant after any contact outside your home and with any deliveries (mail, food, packages, etc)

8. Assume you have Covid-19 for any mild cold or cough symptoms. You do not need to see a provider unless your symptoms are worsening and you have shortness of breath. Quarantine yourself.

9. Personal protective equipment is still at a premium. If you have hoarded any, please consider donating it to a healthcare provider. Or go to YouTube and manufacture some PPE.

10. Convert your routine healthcare appointments to telephone or Skype visits. You do not want to go to a healthcare facility unless you are already ill and NEED to be seen.

Good luck. Until next time…

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