1.  My job which I love
  2.  My home
  3.  My cats (Wally, Heary, Oney, Lex) also known collectively as “The Squirrels”
  4.  The David Powell Community Health Center and all the people that work there
  5.  Specifically for me, the providers at DPC that I am honored to work with: Morrison, Crow, De Marco, Hudson, Stout.
  6.  Music, also known as the soundtrack to my life
  7.  My patients, to whom I have devoted my career
  8.  Austin, Texas, USA, a wonderful, safe place to live
  9.  Family, especially thinking about Steve Schreiner after the sudden & unexpected loss of his wife, Candy, my sister-in-law
  10.  Friends
  11.  Wally (again), my oldest cat, who is going to heaven today (2/10/2020) after 19 years on this planet
  12.  My relatively good health so far
  13.  Working in a mission-driven environment
  14.  Working in a field that has experienced exponential improvement over the course of the last 30 years
  15.  Chocolate!
  16.  The internet as a source of information and entertainment
  17.  Having an automobile, for all it’s cost and downsides, it’s still indispensable
  18.  My neighbors, especially Phyllis, who gave me Wally 13 years ago
  19.  Mild Austin winters
  20.  Living relatively close to work for my entire adult life
  21.  Smart phones which serve as a constant form of access to information and music (both to which I am happily addicted) for me
  22.  Disco/nu disco – the music that keeps me going

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