review: “magic” cleaning eraser

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Mr. Clean launched this product but there is nothing special to the brand.  These polymeric cleaning blocks are now widely available as a generic item.

Availability:  These cleaning devices can be obtained widely.  Just Google “magic eraser“.  They should be inexpensive; if not, look elsewhere.  Buy in large numbers.

Purpose:  Let me repeat the hype.  These things clean a wide variety of things.

Explanation:  They are made of melamine foam.  This nontoxic foam has been used for sound insulation among other things.  When the foam is wet and compressed, it suddenly becomes a very fine, porous, sandpaper like material.  So it cleans by scraping and absorbing.  

Uses:  There are a variety of uses.  Remember to wet them and squeeze it out before use to activate it.  Any type of mark on a dry board wall can be “erased.”  Spots on clothing can be erased.   Soap scum can be removed in showers.  Granite or fake granite can be cleaned easily.    Etcetera.

Problems:  There aren’t many.  These things will crumble away as you use them which is fine; so, if you can, use the smallest pieces possible to conserve them.  Try the double thickness ones; although I have not tried them, they may hold together longer.  Yes, they are yet another piece of plastic for the landfill or, hopefully not, the ocean.

Good luck.


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