review: Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream

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Background: I have been interested in virtual reality for some time.  However, the solutions to date include

  1. expensive computer based headsets that are wired to the processor versus
  2. phone based solutions that involve phone apps and insertion of a smart phone into a headset

I find both of these option not exactly user- or wallet-friendly.

Therefore when I found the Lenovo Mirage Solo available at an intermediate price point, cable, and phone-free, I decided to give it a try via a refurbished unit on Amazon.

Setup:  It’s an Android device.  Setup was relatively straightforward.  I charged it up via the USB-C port.  I powered it up, and signed into my wi-fi first and then my Google account using the pointer and a virtual keyboard that appears floating in front of me while wearing the headset.

Use:  The pointer/mouse works well to click around the brightly colored, low resolution 3-Dish world offered up.  There’s games and a NetFlix theater.   Of course, there’s a version of the Google Play store which offers up some 3-D goodies.  It’s comfortable, even for my large head.  The battery seems to last for a significant amount of time.

Conclusions:  It’s a comfortable, affordable way to introduce someone to the concept of VR.

Pros: affordable, no tether, easy to setup, easy to use, comfortable to wear, good battery life

2. Cons: low resolution, limited complexity of the VR world that is offered to the user

Have fun

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