I have tried several of the meal delivery services: Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Green Chef.

Lettuce is a meal delivery service that differentiates itself from the competition in the following ways:

  1.  The food is locally sourced as much as possible.  Sometimes the locally sourced food is supplemented with packaged organic food from Whole Foods.
  2. The food is packaged in reusable materials such as insulated cloth bags and Tupperware-type plasic containers.  All of the packaging is returned to Lettuce each week.

Quality:  The quality of produce is generally very good.   No complaints whatsoever

Recipes:  The recipes are very tasty and the results look and smell good.  They do require an hour or more preparation time, at least at the rate that the cook works around here.  As a vegetarian, we sometimes find the protein content to be on the low side.  I don’t know for certain, but I would guess that the protein in the carnivore meal plan would be quite a bit more substantial.  Vegetarians need protein too.

Cost:  My impression is that Lettuce is one of the more economical services.  For two people, the cost is approximately $7.50 – 9.50 per serving depending on the meal plan.  The cost is less for 4 person plans.

Overall, Lettuce is the best meal delivery service I have tried.  The reusable packaging is incredibly important for me.  With the other services there was a HUGE amount of waste and recycling in each kit.  In particular the other services has insulation and cooling gels that could not be recycled; therefore, they are adding a huge amount of waste to the landfills.  The locally-sourced feature of Lettuce is also very appealing in terms of lowering the risk of climate change.

Advice:  Give it a try.  Lettuce like most of the other services gives new users a discount for the first week or so of meals.


NOTE: sadly as of the week of 5/15/2019 Lettuce.fm is on pause and may be out of business.


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