review: WD 4TB Portable External Hard Drive

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I needed a drive to back-up files to easily.  I have music files, photos, videos, documents, etc., that are at risk on my main desktop computer hard drives.  Backing up these files is essential but if it’s not easy, it will not get done.  That’s why I got this drive.

Design:  Small, handsome.  That basically describes it.  There is little rubber legs on on side that help to get the drive anchored on the desk while in use.\

Features:  It’s just a blank hard USB 3.0 hard drive for me.  I plugged it into a USB 3.0 hub that has switches for each port.  When I want to use the drive, I power up that port on the hub, and the drive starts.  It appears as a hard drive in Windows explorer or My Computer.

Performance:  It’s good.  I don’t worry too much about speed.  I just want the job done reliably.  Files copy over very nicely.

Use:  I use it with Teracopy, a free file transfer utility.  As the folders change, Teracopy will copy over only the additional files since the last back up and skip the files already there.  That makes a backup so much faster and easier.

Cost:  I got it for $99 on Amazon but it’s gone up by 10 dollars recently.  I think that’s pretty reasonable for a small, functional 4TB drive.


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