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MedPageToday Vaccines Work.  Period.

Washington Post Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement

Washington Post Anti-vaxxers target communities battling measles

The Atlantic Why the Government Pays Billions to People Who Claim Injury by VaccinesA little-known deal protects drug companies in the U.S. from being sued—and feeds conspiracy theories in the process.

ARSTechnica Andrew Wakefield, others hold anti-vaccine rally amid raging measles outbreaks – Again, anti-vaxxers prey on communities hit by outbreak.

NY Post Europe measles outbreak infects 34,000: travel advisory

Contagion Live MMR Production is Ramping Up

AP New York outbreaks drive US measles count up to 626

Fact check: National Vaccine Information Center

NYC declares emergency over measles outbreak, mandates vaccinations: Officials say anti-vaxxers are fueling the outbreak by spreading “fake science.”

Social media battles misinformation in vaccine wars

Exemptions Surge As Parents And Doctors Do ‘Hail Mary’ Around Vaccine Laws

Measles outbreak: How doctors can change anti-vaccine minds – Counseling hesitant families about vaccines takes time. Meanwhile, the rates of unvaccinated continue to rise.

Phase I Trial for ‘Universal’ Flu Vax To Begin: NIAID vaccine candidate aims at H1 and H5 influenza viruses

On the Internet, anyone can speak persuasively about vaccines

Measles cases reach second-highest level since disease was ‘eliminated’

With Temple University mumps outbreak expected to continue for ‘weeks,’ thousands receive vaccinations: The college where the outbreak is happening didn’t require the vaccination.

Anti-Vaxxers: Singular in Focus, Varied in Argument: Four distinct types of anti-vaccination content seen in Facebook posts

Doctors say Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is wrong about ‘chickenpox on purpose’

Pandemic Video Game Ushers in the Apocalypse by Adding Anti-Vaxxers

New York judge denies request to allow unvaccinated students to return to school

CDC: 64 Influenza-Related Child Deaths in U.S. So Far

Physician-Senators Square Off on Vaccine Mandates:  If one person’s choices on vaccines threaten other people’s health, whose liberty is infringed?

Editorial: The Real Horror of the Anti-Vaxxers -This isn’t just a public health crisis. It’s a public sanity one.

“I love vaccines.  Which ones can I get as an adult?”

Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Contracts Tetanus, Spends Two Months In hospital For Over $800K In Medical Treatments

NYT Editorial: This Is The Truth About Vaccines

Washington state passes bill preventing personal exemptions

Another study shows there is no link between MMR vaccine and autism

“We Need to Get to Zero” on Measles: NIAID Chief to House Panel

New Texas legislation would make it easier to claim a vaccine exemption in public schools

Teenager from anti-vaxx family to testify before congress [update: here is his testimony]

GOP Arizona lawmaker claims vaccinations are “communist”

Anti-vaxx results in a very bad year in the U.S.

A large ongoing outbreak of measles in Washington state is the result of lack of vaccination.

There is a huge outbreak of measles in Europe due to low vaccination rates

One of the health commissioners from Washington State is interviewed on NPR about the outbreak

Measles outbreak spurs MMR vaccinations!

A teenager defies his parents to get vaccinated

Measles cases tripled last year in Europe

Basic measles stats from the CDC in slides

Death toll hits 70 in measles outbreak in the Philippines

A conversion from anti-vaxx to pro-vaccination is documented

HPV vaccination is critically low in the U.S.

The 2018-2019 U.S. flu vaccine appears to be approximately 47% effective.

Russian bots are spreading anti-vaccination information.

The problem with measles has been fostered by states making it too easy to avoid vaccination.

Flu vaccine keeps COPD patients out of the hospital.

FDA says it may intervene if states continue to allow vaccine exemptions.

Two students at Indiana University have mumps

Facebook continues to be the source of a lot of antivaccination propaganda and hasn’t taken adequate steps yet

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