1/8/2019: Let’s celebrate the birthdays of Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and Shirley Bassey (not really an opinion)

1/12/2019: I signed up for Lime scooters. It was easy via the Lime phone app. I tried out one of the scooters in a parking lot, and it was fun. That being said I may never use one again. They are fast and relatively dangerous. My bones are not young. Lime is a fracture waiting to happen for me.

1/15/2019: Unfortunately the opioid epidemic has now become the most common form of preventible death.  If anyone wants to declare a national emergency, this would be a good area to do so.

1/15/2019: It’s amazing the number of folks on Breitbart.com’s comment platform (Disqus) that fully support Steve King’s white supremacist views. These folks are truly the #deplorables that Hillary warned everyone about. Sorry, there’s just no other good way to describe these pathetic individuals.

1/19/2019: I’m getting to the point where I don’t want Trump impeached because of the additional division and the chance that this might solidify his base.  Consider going forward and showing the reasonable folks in his base that the Democratic party cares about them with infrastructure, good pay, healthcare, and jobs.

1/20/2019: All Hail President Ann Coulter.  I am all in favor of border security but the wall should be a no-go.  I saw a beautiful clip of Martin Luther King, Jr. today talking about a wall and its symbolism.

1/23/2019: Yes, Mr. Guiliani.  Your epitaph will be your lies for Trump.  You just make sh*t up.

1/23/2019: I feel like the kids with MAGA hats on from Covington, KY, have been raked over the coals.  At this stage of the game in their lives, they are the products of their school and parenting.  But why were they demonstrating against abortion on a school trip, from a school that is likely tax-exempt?  Obviously they are shaped by a power far greater than some MAGA hats.

1/29/2019: Remember 2 years ago?

It was pointed out that there might be a Russian influence campaign within Trump’s?

Many conservatives said it was nonsense, and they still do.

Many progressives applauded the theft of DNC emails as a tell-all on the lack of ethics and the bias against Bernie.

Flash forward 2 years. Here we are with a possible Russian agent as president, elected partially via Russian hacking and their divisive social media campaign.

But don’t forget the great Green candidate that sliced off some disaffected Progressives, and her picture sitting at the same table with Vlad.

Key words: Pizzagate, Seth Rich, Lock Her Up, What about the emails, Clinton Foundation, Wikileaks, Roger Stone

1/30/2019:  Why does our president surround himself with so many criminals?  Why does he repeatedly conceal his conversations with Putin?2/1/2019: There is a bit of room for optimism.  The Sentate “rebuked” Trump yesterday for his ignorant, biased views of the Middle East.  Dodge City, Kansas, got their polling place(s) back after legal pressure.  The House is getting ready to investigate the administration in so many important ways: Trump’s taxes, Russian interference in the election, etc.

2/14/2019 Oh please, give me a break. Vaccine “expert” Darla Shine, whose claim to fame is that she is wife of Bill Shine, White House deputy chief of communications. She’s using her bully pulpit to rain fire via Twitter on vaccination proponents, and of course, just shows how ignorant of science she truly is. Yet another example of the type of folks that are now associated with the U.S. administration. Sigh.

2/16/2019 The GOP strategy of gerrymandering and voter suppression is effective but abhorrent.  This represents everything that America is against.  I am confidant and hopeful that there will be a tidal wave of resistance to this type of thing.

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